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Buy Phentermine 2013, Phentermine Without Rx

Lighting design is essential for the visual impact of your event. You may want your guests to feel relaxed or excited and enthusiastic. Stage lighting is often the visual centrepiece of live-music or other performance based events. It can also be for purely functional purposes at events like presentations and conferences. Lighting design can help you create and achieve the effect your looking for.

Our specialist lighting designers can transform any blank canvas into an amazing and exciting event space. We have delivered specialist lighting design and hire for touring artists, television, theatre, school productions, corporate events, concert stages and festivals both on stage and across the festival site.

With imaginative event lighting, your audience will be impressed from the moment they enter the venue. The lighting creates excitement and sets an atmosphere and mood for the event. A great light show takes the event to the next level.

We also provide architectural lighting for outside the venue or for entrances and hallways. We can help you with a scheme that will enhance the key features of the building or event site and bring the space to life.

We will always respect your budget and strive to provide cost-effective solutions for event lighting. Some of our lighting fixtures can operate via sound-to-light. This can save you the cost of a lighting operator and can be perfect for a small private party or a dance event on a tight budget. For the ultimate lighting on a concert or festival stage, you can’t beat having a talented operator to control the light show throughout the event.

Lighting is also important for day time festival stages. Many event organisers think they will not need lighting for their stage because the event is on throughout the day and (hopefully) it will be sunny. In reality without stage lighting, the artists will be performing in the shadows of the stage roof. If the sky behind the stage is bright, then it can be difficult to see the performers.

We stock festoon and coloured IP66 rated flood lights for outside, either lighting up trees or the front of a building. We also stock wireless LED up-lighters for inside the venue. The latest intelligent moving heads and LED lighting fixtures, Lasers projectors and LED video screens are all available for hire. Our lighting designers can incorporate all these elements into an amazing light show to impress you and your audience.

  • AVOLITES – dimming & control
  • CHAUVET – moving heads
  • CHAMSYS – lighting control
  • CLAY PAKY – moving heads
  • LANTA – LED parcans
  • MARTIN – moving heads
  • PANGOLIN – laser control
  • ROBE – moving heads
  • SHOWTEC – blinders


LED screens can be a great addition for any size stage but can be vital for large stages. With concert audiences increasing in numbers, LED screens allow the spectators at the back of the crowd to see the artists they have paid to see. People like to see faces and large LED screens facilitate this. Even without a camera crew, modular LED panels can also be utilised as elements within a light show to display graphic content as an affect.

LED screens can be high resolution for the optimum viewing experience; But when they are used in conjunction with stage lighting, LED screens can be low resolution transparent panels. This allows the beams of light to pass through the panel from behind. When the screen is not displaying graphic content, you can’t see the screen and it doesn’t get in the way of the lighting. One of the great benefits of LED screens is the ability to use them in any ambient light settings, even sunshine.


Projections can also be a great way to display graphic content. Today’s modern projectors are super powerful and can project high resolution graphics on to buildings or surfaces. For large graphic displays, a projector can be a cost-effective solution rather than an LED screen.

A projector requires a low ambient light setting to work at it’s best. This can be a problem when incorporating projectors into light shows. If the projector is not powerful enough, the lighting will wash out the projection images and if the projector is too powerful, it can degrade the lighting effects.


We can design and produce graphic content for you to display on LED screens or for projections. We work with a creative agency as their production partner and this enables us to deliver engaging motion CGI and VFX across digital and broadcast media.

A camera crew can also be supplied for filming your event, either for displaying content on your screens or for promotional purposes after the event. Professional photography can also be supplied for content creation or for capturing the amazing moments at your event.


Our lighting design can include laser projectors. Powerful lasers are mesmerising and can really create the wow factor. We can supply high-power single colour and RGB laser projectors with Pangolin software control to create an amazing laser show for your event. Powerful lasers can be dangerous if deployed incorrectly, this is why we only employ experienced laser operators.


For intimate indoor events we mostly provide LED fixtures. The benefits of LED fixtures are low power consumption and they produce very little heat. This can be a godsend on a small stage where the heat from powerful incandescent lighting can be unbearable. LED lighting can also enable a lighting rig to be operated on a domestic power supply and negate the need for additional generators to be hired. LED lighting does not work so well for face-light, the LED parcans are great for adding colour to a stage but for lighting faces, you can’t beat the warmth of a traditional incandescent par64.


Traditional incandescent lighting can be supplied with all the necessary dimmers and power distribution. LED fixtures can’t yet replace incandescent lighting for large stages.


Our lighting hire stock is up-to-date, meticulously maintained and regularly serviced. All electrical appliances are PAT tested as part of our prep before every show.


Our hire stock includes industry standard rigging products from Prolyte, Manfrotto, Mobiltech and Doughty. We provide experienced Riggers for installing our temporary demountable structures. As with everything we do, Health and Safety is always a top priority. All our stage and structures are supplied with structural calculations and Audiowall hold £10M public and employers liability insurance.

A well designed power distribution system is essential for the safe installation and operation of the lighting rig. We can supply all your power distribution requirements from 100kVA generators through to power distribution units and cabling.


Audiowall provide a complete technical production service including lighting design, specification, equipment hire, delivery and installation. We design bespoke hire packages tailored to the requirements of your application and budget.

If your not looking for a complete service, we are more than happy to provide lighting designers to work with you on your project and we can supply lighting fixtures to supplement your stock.

In addition to lighting, we also supply a complete range of sound hire and stage hire services. PA systems available from industry leading manufacturers including QSC K-series, Martin Audio Wavefront and L-Acoustics. We also supply Pioneer DJ kit including DJM-900NXS2 and CDJ-2000NXS2; Microphones from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audix and Rode; Mixing consoles from Allen & Heath, Avid, Digico, Midas and Soundcraft.


Take a look at some of our system package. We have presented some popular packages for each of the different system types that we offer. Each package can be customised to suit your exact requirements. We also provide a handy calculator to help you price up your ideal system package.

If your not sure of what you need and would prefer to talk to an expert on the phone, feel free to Buy Phentermine Online Uk Shippingand discuss the requirements for your next event.

Take a look at some of our recent sound and lighting Buy Adipex From Europe. If you are interested in a demo of our lighting products, we have a demo suite in our warehouse and we would be more than happy to give you demonstration. Give us a call in the office to arrange an appointment.

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Our warehouse is based in Milton Keynes

Phentermine Cheapest

Purchase Phentermine Hcl 30Mg


  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire


Our most recent news and project reviews are always posted on our social media pages

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VAT no: 223 1198 39

Registered in England & Wales No: 07908067

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