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Reliable Online Pharmacy Phentermine system hire is requested on nearly all technical riders in both corporate and touring sectors. Audiowall are committed to providing our clients with industry standard rider-friendly audio solutions and we are proud to offer a complete L-Acoustics system hire solution. Available systems include X8, X12 and X15 co-axial systems, ideally suited to near-field and stage monitor applications. For medium and large scale events we supply Arcs, Kiva, Kara and K2 line source systems, supplemented with SB15, SB18, SB28, KS28 and K1-SB sub-bass.

All L-Acoustics systems are driven by LA8 or LA12X amplifiers packaged in L-Acoustics LA-RAK touring racks.

To compliment the L-Acoustics system hire solution, we also offer a range industry standard mixing consoles including Allen & Heath, Avid, Digico, Midas, Soundcraft and Yamaha.


  • X8 coaxial 8″ + 1.5″
  • X12 coaxial 12″ + 3″
  • X15 coaxial 15″ + 3″
  • ARCS Wide constant curvature 12″ + 3″
  • ARCS Focus constant curvature 12″ + 3″
  • ARCS II constant curvature 15″ + 3″
  • KIVA variable curvature 2x 6.5″ + 1.75″
  • KARA variable curvature 2x 8″ + 3″
  • K2 variable curvature 2x 12″ | 4x 6.5″ | 2x 3″
  • SB15 Bass reflex 1x 15″
  • SB18 Bass reflex 1x 18″
  • K1SB Bass reflex 2x 15″
  • SB28 Bass reflex 2x 18″
  • KS28 Bass reflex 2x 18″

These individual components are the building blocks for large modular touring systems. An L-Acoustics system can be designed and deployed for any size event from the smallest intimate parties to the largest outdoor stadium concerts.

All L-Acoustics loudspeakers have a similar voice, so systems can be designed to include multiple components suited to covering different audience zones. ARCS, Kiva and Kara can all be used to provide near field coverage for K2 stadium systems. K1SB can be flown above K2 to provide far-field bass reinforcement. All L-Acoustics systems can also be enhanced with the any of the reflex-loaded sub-bass elements including SB15, SB18, SB28 and KS28.

L-Acoustics systems are not available for dry hire. We only supply these systems as part of a turn-key sound hire solution including, system design, installation and Phentermine 882.

If your interested in L-Acoustics system hire, please give us a call to discuss your requirements in detail and we will be more than happy to give you a free no-obligation quote.

Can You Buy Phentermine Online 2013


Our warehouse is based in Milton Keynes

Phentermine Ups Delivery Only

Order Phentermine Online Prescription


  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Milton Keynes
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire


Our most recent news and project reviews are always posted on our social media pages

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VAT no: 223 1198 39

Registered in England & Wales No: 07908067

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