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The stage monitor plays a key role in creating an onstage environment allowing the artist to hear exactly what they need to perform at their best.

Martin Audio’s first LE monitor led the way to become the industry standard in the early 1970s, and LE monitors have continued to make their presence felt in the decades since.

  • LE700
Martin Audio

Blackline F12+

The Martin Audio Blackline F12+ is the ideal choice for full range applications calling for an efficient, reliable workhorse.

Its ergonomic design, rotatable HF horn and multi-angle cabinet allow it to be used as a highly intelligible floor monitor, drum monitor or front-of-house system for small scale applications.


  • Full range system 65Hz – 18kHz ±3dB
  • Power handling: 300W AES / 1.2kW peak
  • Sensitivity 1w/1m: 97dB
  • Max SPL: 122dB cont; 128dB peak
  • Dispersion (-6dB): 80°H x 50°V
  • High frequency driver: 1″ horn-loaded
  • Low frequency driver: 12″ direct radiating
  • Stand-alone system
  • Top-hat fitting for speaker stand
  • Multi-angle cabinet

Blackline S15+

The Martin Audio Blackline S15+ is a 15″ direct radiating sub-bass unit to enhance the headroom and sub-bass extension of the F12+ full range system.

The Blackline S15 and F12 are ideally suited to drum-fill applications.


  • Sub-bass system 45Hz – 120Hz ±3dB
  • Power handling: 750W AES / 3kW peak
  • Sensitivity 1w/1m: 101dB
  • Max SPL: 129.5dB cont; 135.5dB peak
  • Low frequency driver: 15″ reflex-loaded


The Martin Audio LE700A is designed to overcome many of the problems associated with normal stage monitor systems, by utilising differential dispersion horn techniques to define a constant sound pressure level area in which the artist may move. In this area the frequency response and tonal characteristics remain unchanged.
The benefits of this technology are two-fold. Firstly the monitor engineer can plan EQ set ups confident that the performer’s movement window will have no problematic frequency changes causing feedback. This allows higher sound pressure levels with less EQ.

Secondly, the performer can move further away from the monitor whilst continuing to receive information from the monitor which will cut through the highest on-stage ambient volume levels.
This differential dispersion technology creates a horn, which progressively varies its horizontal dispersion from wide to narrow the further the performer moves away from the monitor. This narrowing of dispersion effectively changes the forward gain of the horn, this increase in the forward gain enables the monitor to throw further, increasing the effective operating range of the monitor, whilst reducing excess spill.


  • Sub-bass system 60Hz – 200Hz ±3dB
  • Power handling: 500W AES / 2kW peak
  • Sensitivity 1w/1m: 98dB LF / 106dB HF
  • Max SPL: 125dB cont; 131dB peak
  • HF Driver: Horn-loaded 1.4″
  • LF driver: port-assisted 15″



Hire for


600W Martin Audio Blackline
  • 2x Blackline F12+
  • 1x Linea Research 2ch. DSP amp
  • Two mixes


Hire for


2kW Martin Audio LE700 system
  • 4x LE700
  • 2x Linea Research 4ch. DSP amp
  • Four mixes


Hire for


5kW Martin Audio Monitor system
  • 8x LE700
  • 1x Blackline F12+
  • 2x Blackline S15+
  • 1x Linea Research M-Series Amp Rack
  • 8 mixes


(Prices indications do not include transport or local crew and are subject to VAT, final specifications, site visit and availability)



Use this calculator to give you an indication of the price for your ideal system package. If you are unsure of what you need or you have requirements that are not met by this calculator, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements in detail.

How many stage monitors and mixes do you require?

Select the model and number of stage monitors for your system.

Power amplifiers

Select the number of DSP/amps you need for your required number of monitor mixes.

Blackline systems will require one DSP/amp channel per mix and LE-700 bi-amp monitor require two channels of DSP/amp per monitor mix. It’s possible to drive four monitors from a single mix.

Do you need a mixing console?

We provide system technicians and sound engineers.


How it Works?

Step 1

Submit the details of your required system

Step 2

We will contact you to get additional info if needed

Step 3

Receive quote from Audiowall

Step 4

Pay a deposit to secure your booking

Do you need more?



(Prices indications do not include transport or local crew and are subject to VAT, final specifications, site visit and availability)


Our warehouse is based in Milton Keynes

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